Anurag Nagar

Anurag Nagar

Backend & Server Administrator
Backend & Server Administrator
3 Years

Personal Experience

After completing my B.C.A.  graduation in 2016, I join Arena Animation to complete my Designing Study. After completed I join a Designing Company as an intern and also work there for 6 months. After this, I work as a Freelancer for short time to Creative Post, Banners, and Creative Blogs.

Since joining Stegowl Medial Labs LLP in 2018, I learn about Software developing languages and also start work with of Stegowl Team. Apart from this in Stegowl I also manage a Server part and Cloud Computing.

Professional Skills

Team Management
Work DeadLines

Early Years

Since 2018 I have worked as a Sr. Network Administrator and Backend developer in Stegowl Media Labs LLP for 3 Years and in that company, my responsibilities are in the Server, Backend, and Front- End. 

Career Guidelines

It goes without saying that to be a skilled backend developer, it is crucial to master a programming language. The backend code written in a specific language is used to communicate with the frontend of the web application.  Along with programming language, backend frameworks are an integral part of web development. They enable you to organize your code in a structured way and improve efficiency by reducing repetitive work.

server administrator or admin has the overall control of a server. The Server Administrator’s role is to design, install, administer, and optimize company servers and related components to achieve high performance of the various business functions supported by the servers as necessary.

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