Mayank Patel

Mayank Patel

Managing Director

Personal Experience

  • Develop and execute the company’s business strategies to attain the goals of the board and shareholders
  • Provide strategic advice to the board and Chairperson so that they will have an accurate view of the market and the company’s future
  • Prepare and implement comprehensive business plans to facilitate achievement by planning cost-effective operations and market development activities
  • Ensure company policies and legal guidelines are communicated all the way from the top down in the company and that they are followed at all times
  • Communicate and maintain trust relationships with shareholders, business partners and authorities.

Professional Skills

Effective management and delegation
Visionary leadership
Strong financial acumen

Career Guidelines

Effective company directors must have good decision-making skills. Having this skill is important to handle the strategic decisions that could make or mar the business performance. Here are some of the most important skills needed from company directors:

1.Stakeholder management
3.Analytical skill
4.Strategic thinking
5.Commercial acumen
6.Interpersonal skills

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